Information concerning covid-19 (the new corona virus)

Given the prevailing nature of the corona virus pandemic, we at Spendrups would like to share with you how we operate, what measures we take to minimise the risk of infection, and how we work to ensure our production and delivery service.

We are a food producer and therefore health and safety are of utmost importance. We have imposed cross-border restrictions on our employees and visitors since the 26th of February 2020. These limitations are based on current recommendations from Swedish authorities and are evaluated and updated on an ongoing basis depending on how the situation develops.

As of 2019, we have implemented greater capacity-enhancing measures to ensure our delivery capacity. We are also in the process of preparing our seasonal stock, and therefore currently have a good supply readiness.

January 2020, as the situation in China unfolded, we resolved to take the necessary measures of ingredients that are only available in China. Further measures to secure the supply chain have been ongoing since then.

We are humbled by the concern and uncertainty currently prevailing in Sweden and the world, and of the consequences, the outbreak can have. We at Spendrups will do everything within our power to minimise the risks, and we take continuous measures to alleviate the effects that occurred and may occur.

In conclusion, we can show solidarity in helping those in need and thank you for your ongoing support. We wish you well during these unprecedented times.


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